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My Favorites images from 1973 - present.
Lucy, "Breakfast at Tiffiny's", 1992Birth of Venus, 2002Christine, Studio Portrait, 2012Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, 2007Dad, Oregon 1975 (Rollei twin lens reflex)Drifting, 2004Self Portrait, 1993 (4x5 polaroid)Tatyana, 2012Fallen Tendrels, 2004Lucy, 1991Figurescape, 2003Tombstone, AZ 1994Angel Rising, 2002Fallen American Soldiers Boots, (Grant Park Chicago Exhibit) Memorial Day, 2007England, 1973 (I was 11 years old)Rebecca, studio shoot, 2008Tatyana, 2012Fallen American Soldiers Boots, (Grant Park Chicago Exhibit) Memorial Day, 2007Hintertux Austria, 1977 (I was 15 years old) KodachromeSelf Portrait, 1974

Guestbook for Best of Weissfineart 1973-present
Hi Steve
I hope you are well. This is Young. Hope you remember me.
I live in Korea running a small b&b. How is Lucy doing? Are you getting in touch with your friend who I used to work with? I forgot his name. Anyway let's keep in touch. My email is [email protected]

My b&b website is
It's in Korean but you can see pictures.

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